Established in 2007, the companys initiative is to look for opportunities in Africa and South-America, helping the local partners with the commodities with quality and competitive price. With hundreds of products models, visiting thousands of factories, we are familiar with and understanding the basic principal operation of factories and logistics.

With a fast visit by an Indonesian customer in 2010, the PLN (Indonesian Utility Power Company), a large quantity of SEHEN are being needed. We sourced hard but couldnt find any, no one factory wants to develop for such demand without confidence and future orders assurance.

We recommended several replacement solar systems, but its refused. Explaining that its an open tender and its a must to follow their instruction, so we established our own R&D team. Its a hard work. From moulding to components, after 8-months day and night job, the lamp passed Indonesia Lab Test. We supplied all together 150,000pcs of solar lamp to Lapuwan Island, near Bali, being one of the pioneers in 2011~2022.

After that, with our foots in most undeveloped countries, we are also ware that in many countries the people in rural areas need such lighting products. With our rich experiences, we support our local partners for local demands customization, local production and also optimizing the cost, aiming for spreading the solar lamps to more people in need.

Quality and cost is our core point in designing suitable products for our customers and partners.

Now, we have such technologies/skills:


2. Water-proof


4. Solar fishing lamp design and control

5. Efficiency improvement on LED

6. Cost-optimization on all aspects


We are committed to contribute for the life-improving of the Pyramid in the rural areas.