Aptech Africa Lights Up Mambasa With Solar Mini-Grid System

In a groundbreaking initiative, Aptech Africa has successfully installed and commissioned the first solar-PV mini-grid system in Mambasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo. The region, known for its rich natural resources, has grappled with energy accessibility, particularly in remote areas.


. The newly completed 120kWp hybrid system, complemented by a 225kWh ground-mounted battery energy storage capacity and a 72kVa generator, is poised to bring consistent and reliable power to 350 users.


Aptech Africa’s innovative solution includes a distribution line and a Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU) incorporating the Alpha ESS system for real-time monitoring and fault identification. This mini-grid project represents a significant step towards sustainable energy access for Mambasa residents, offering a reliable alternative during periods of Hydro Electricity Power unavailability.


The positive impact extends to powering healthcare facilities, supporting small businesses, and addressing multiple facets of the community’s needs.


Despite facing challenges such as insecurity in certain regions, poor roads, customs clearance hurdles, and material damages, the project’s completion underscores the resilience and determination to overcome obstacles for the greater good. The success of this initiative marks a transformative milestone in Mambasa’s journey towards a more sustainable and empowered future.