Oikocredit commits $10 million to strengthen African SMEs through collaboration with AfricInvest

The social impact investment firm Oikocredit has recently extended a debut loan of $10 million to AfricInvest Private Credit (APC), with the aim of bolstering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) throughout the African continent. This collaborative effort is set to broaden the availability of financial resources for SMEs that are typically underserved by conventional lending institutions.

APC is known for its proficiency in providing medium to long-term financing solutions, focusing on businesses that face challenges in obtaining funds from mainstream banks due to insufficient collateral. With the support of Oikocredit’s investment, APC is poised to enhance its loan distribution capabilities, thereby benefiting an increased number of businesses across different African nations.

Kouraiech Belhajali, the Chief Executive Officer of APC, expressed enthusiasm about the new alliance, stating, “Our partnership with Oikocredit is a significant milestone. The infusion of funds will empower us to further assist the underserved business sector in Africa, broadening our scope and target demographic. We are committed to leveraging this capital to amplify our contribution to the continent’s economic development, job creation, and progress in financial inclusion.”