Orange Energies opens digital platform for energy companies

Orange, a global telecom services provider, is opening its digital platform Orange Smart Energies to all African energy providers.

The company says the goal is to enhance energy inclusion by offering “simple, prepaid access” to electricity via solar kits and smart metres.

According to the business, the IOT platform addresses the profitability difficulties that African energy producers confront by lowering the risk of non-payment.

Orange Smart Energies, was developed by Orange in 2021, is now available to energy providers in Africa and the Middle East, ensuring client payment via mobile money, says the company.

The company says the business model, is built on collaboration between the telco and energy producers, and allows Orange Energies to provide a digital service and a distribution network that makes it easier to access electricity in remote areas, even down to the last kilometre.

“This universal platform is the only one on the market that supports both pay-as-you-go solar equipment and prepaid smart meters,” according to the firm.