Abundant solar resources to boost energy access in Sierra Leone

Like many African countries, Sierra Leone faces significant challenges in providing reliable electricity to its citizens.

A lack of access to power not only hampers economic development but also affects crucial sectors such as healthcare and education.

Traditional energy sources often fall short, leaving communities in the dark and hindering progress.


With a recorded electricity access rate of 27.49% in 2021 and abundant sunlight, solar

energy creates an opportunity to boost the country’s electrification rate using natural


The country’s renewable energy potential is high, primarily in hydropower, wind and solar resources. But, renewables remain under-utilised with almost 80% of the country’s electricity being generated by fossil fuels.

Solar power brings with it economic opportunities, as businesses can now operate more efficiently and productively.

It also contributes to environmental sustainability, reducing reliance on polluting fossil fuels and mitigating the effects of climate change in Sierra Leone.