Agricultural Insurance + Energy Access: The Need for Cross-Sector Partnerships

Last year, Bboxx launched a partnership with Pula, an agri-insurance technology company, to tackle these challenges. The two companies are working together to explore how providing income protection insurance to thousands of agricultural families in Kenya can increase energy access. The collaboration was possible with the support of Shell Foundation and the UK government’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

This pilot program demonstrates what can be achieved by cross-sector partnerships, and how they can benefit all stakeholders. Both partners brought different competencies to our collaboration.

The program also demonstrates how Bboxx and Pula are leveraging data and technology to empower low-income households and protect their livelihoods. Importantly, both companies have generated learnings that can enable us to refine and improve the offer beyond the pilot program, with the goal of eventually offering subsidized yield insurance to customers on an ongoing basis.

Despite the challenges, Bboxx and Pula are committed to scaling our partnership to help even more low-income households, with an incremental approach that targets 200,000 existing customers in Kenya through another, larger pilot program.