AllOn Fuels Nigeria’s Solar Revolution with $2.25M Investment in Baobab+

All On, a leading impact investment firm in Nigeria, recently signed a significant investment agreement with Baobab Plus Nigeria, committing $2.25 million to a credit facility. This investment is pivotal for rolling out 1,536 solar energy systems throughout Nigeria, with capacities ranging between 600W and 3KW.

The collaboration is set to capitalize on Baobab+ Nigeria’s extensive Pay-as-you-Go Agent Network, which covers 21 locations in the Southwest, North Central, and Northwest regions. All On highlights that this partnership brings light to homes and communities, empowers them, and protects the environment.

The investment is set to expand Baobab+’s PayGo Agent Network into new regions, particularly targeting rural, off-grid, and underserved communities. The consumer-friendly payment options are designed to overcome the primary cost hurdle, ensuring that low-income earners’ solar energy products are within reach by aligning with their financial capabilities.