An African Power & Energy Elites smart solutions project

The Utilities 2.0 Twaake pilot, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and coordinated by Power for All, is the first multi-stakeholder partnership between offgrid renewable energy companies and a national utility in Africa. The project aims to provide a replicable model to create faster connections, increase productive use of electricity, improve overall energy system performance, promote economic growth in rural communities and improve business profitability. To ensure the smooth planned future integration of the solar minigrid to the national grid, it was agreed for Umeme to supply the metering system along with backend operations for billing and revenue collection and to construct the distribution network to maintain the grid standards ahead of integration of greenfield site upon grid arrival.


The system is currently providing power for 350+ households and 60 local businesses, and positively impacting the local community. Overall, the site will achieve 30% more connections than originally planned thanks to the high uptake from the community. Access to power has boosted economic activity through the creation of small businesses such as restaurants and welding outlets.