Boosting investment in mini-grids in Africa for unserved communities

Recognising the urgent need for innovative energy solutions, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) supports access to clean energy by increasing the financial viability and promoting scaled-up commercial investment in low-carbon minigrids in Africa through its Africa Minigrids Programme.


As other regions grapple with similar energy challenges, the success of the mini-grid

demonstrates the feasibility and benefits of investing in renewable energy solutions.

By showcasing the economic, social and environmental advantages of solar-powered mini-grids, the installation inspires confidence and spurs further investment in clean energy infrastructure.

The installation of the solar PV mini-grid, powered by solar energy, marks a significant departure from traditional fossil fuel-based systems. By hamessing the abundant sunlight that Chad enjoys year-round, the solution reduces carbon emissions and offers a sustainable alternative to conventional energy sources.