CAMEROON: after Nachtigal, France’s EDF to build a new dam on the Sanaga river

To date, upOwa has already provided 140,000 people with access to electricity. Like other solar home system suppliers active in Africa, the start-up headed by Loic Descamps is banking on the pay-as-you-go system to facilitate the acquisition of its equipment by rural households. EDF’s takeover of the start-up strengthens its influence in Cameroon’s energy sector. The French giant is currently building the country’s largest hydroelectric dam, on the Sanaga River.


With an installed capacity of 420 MW, the Nachtigal hydroelectric scheme is due to come on stream progressively from early 2024. EDF is also developing the Kikot hydroelectric project, 60 km northwest of the capital Yaoundé. This other hydroelectric development on the Sanaga River will have a capacity of 500 MW.