CHAD: Proparco finances €1.5 million for Ziz’s solar mini-grids in urban areas

Ziz Energie obtains a new loan for the installation of its solar mini-grids in Chad. The €1.5 million loan is being provided by Proparco, a subsidiary of the French Development Agency  (AFD) group, to support the development of Ziz Energie’s activities in Chad. The Chadian company installs and operates solar-powered electricity networks, mainly in secondary towns.

According to Proparco, the loan of more than 983 million CFA francs will enable new electricity connections to be made, impacting the lives of at least 500,000 people in Chad. The Central African country is one of the worst performers in terms of electrification on the continent, with a rate of only 9% according to Power Africa. As is already the case in other sub-Saharan African countries with underdeveloped national electricity grids, off-grid solutions could enable Chad to catch up.