DRC: HDF plans to build a green hydrogen solar power plant in Kinshasa

With its first financing rounds in 2018, and more recently from Proparco, REPP and E3 Capital, Nuru has been operating a hybrid solar-powered electricity grid (1.3 MW) in the city of Goma since 2020. With this Series B financing, Nuru intends to accelerate the construction of its electricity networks in the cities of Goma, Kindu and Bunia. The aim is to put in place an installed capacity of 13.7 MW to electrify the population and businesses. Bunia is expected to be home to the largest metropolitan network in this financed portfolio.


Nuru plans to raise a further $28 million by the end of July 2023 to support the development of its activities. The Goma-based company also wants to provide access to electricity for the populations of Beni, Tadu and Faradje. According to Power Africa, the DRC is currently one of the least electrified countries in sub-Saharan Africa, with an electrification rate of just 9% (including 19% in urban areas).