DRC/RWANDA: InfraCo and Equatorial to invest $1.7m in solar mini-grids

Baobab+ distributes its equipment through a pay-as-you-go system that helps reduce the financial barriers to accessing electricity in rural areas. The company began operations in the DRC in the provinces of Kinshasa, Kwilu, and Kwango. The grant from USAID is “crucial to our development, it has allowed us to launch our activities in the DRC more quickly and on a larger scale,” says Alexandre Coster, Baobab+’s co-founder, president and CEO.


USAID provided the funding through its Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) program, which aims to finance innovation “to address the world’s most intractable development problems. Baobab+, which benefits from this initiative, has already provided access to electricity via its solar home systems to 1.5 million people mainly in Madagascar, Mali, Senegal, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and the DRC.