Emirati humanitarian team lights up villages in Amdjarass

The Emirati humanitarian team based in the city of Amdjarass, Chad, is continuing to provide relief support to Sudanese refugees and the local community through field visits to several villages near Amdjarass, in coordination with the UAE Aid Coordination Office in Chad.

The team installed solar-powered lighting units at the city centre of Al Hulla, as part of the first phase of an initiative that aims to light up the local market, streets, and nearby villages.

The team in Chad comprises the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC), the Zayed Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation, the Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation, and the UAE Aid Coordination Office.

Due to the current situation in Sudan, the Emirati humanitarian team stationed in Amdjarass continues its mission to ease the suffering of Sudanese refugees and the local community.

Saif Yasser Al Afari, the ERC Representative in Amdjarass, Chad, said that the ERC team is following the directives of the UAE leadership to continue its humanitarian work in Amdjarass. The team is extending a helping hand to Sudanese refugees and the local community by intensifying its humanitarian efforts and field visits to local villages to assess the needs of residents and meet them.

The team is working with the office to expand its reach to villages in Amdjarass and expedite the delivery of aid to residents in many villages.

Al Afari explained that the initiative to install lighting units is aimed at providing sufficient illumination for the public market and surrounding streets, as well as villages, schools, and public facilities lacking proper lighting.