EnAccess, WRI champion maiden open source energy access initiative

In a bid to foster data-driven decision-making in the energy sector, the EnAccess Foundation and the World Resources Institute (WRI) have championed the inaugural open-source in energy access initiative.

The first ever Open Source in Energy Access Symposium (OSEAS), which was held in Abuja, from May 7-10, 2024, is supported by the World Bank, Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP), and Prospect.

The presentations and panel discussions spotlighted several open-source tools including Ukama, which ensures dependable internet connectivity alongside energy access efforts; Autarky, which helps mini-grid operators optimise sizing and dispatch strategies effectively even in volatile environments; The FAIR battery project, which provides open-source battery assembly designs to support a clean energy shift for remote, under-resourced areas.

It also spotlighted the Energy Access Explorer (EAE), which is the first tool to use an open source, data-driven integrated, and inclusive approach to energy planning; and the Off-Grid Planner Tool which supports mini-grid infrastructure planning.