Fintech and energy illuminate DR Congo’s nascent startup ecosystem

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), one of the world’s most resource-rich countries, is carving out a new prosperity niche as it emerges on the global tech scene.

In 2023 the country raised $62 million in startup funds, making it the single largest contributor to startup funding growth (33% year-on-year) in the Central Africa region, where it is clustered. 

Of other startup hubs in Central Africa, Cameroon recorded just US$4 million and Chad less than $2 million.

The huge central African country is ranked sixth on the continent, after Benin, and although each attracted less than $100 million in 2023, both toppled Ghana, a top contender in the ‘second tier’ of Africa’s startup rankings.

While the startup scene in the DRC is still in its infancy and does not feature in most global startup ecosystem rankings, several interesting startups have begun paving the way for greater recognition of the country as a startup hub.