Swedish multinational clothing company H&M is promoting rooftop solar technology among its enlisted local suppliers.


Idcol organised a workshop on the installation of industrial rooftop solar systems with the participation of officials of H&M garment suppliers at the InterContinental Dhaka yesterday.


The workshop discussed various aspects regarding rooftop solar projects, including their financial and technical benefits.


The workshop also focused on the net metering benefits for industries and discussed how rooftop solar projects can help H&M’s local supplier base reduce their carbon footprint and get more work orders from international buyers.


“The companies who will install rooftop solar plants at its factory will get some benefits, including more orders,” an official of H&M told The Daily Star, adding that every supplier has to undertake such a project.


Approximately 80 factories in the country that supply products to H&M have already installed rooftop solar systems with a collective generation capacity of around 7 megawatts.


This comes in line with H&M Group’s commitment to become climate positive throughout its entire value chain by 2040.