IKEA and Little Sun Explore Light Sources Powered by the Sun

IKEA and social business Little Sun have teamed up to explore how design can spark conversation about the use of solar energy in everyday objects. The result is SAMMANLÄNKAD, consisting of two solar-powered LED lamps for capturing energy and creating light, launching in selected IKEA markets in April 2023.


SAMMANLÄNKAD combines beauty, art, and design with solar technology. The design of the SAMMANLÄNKAD LED solar-powered table lamp is inspired by the sun and the earth’s angle and movement around it. The light source is in the shape of a half-sphere, which is enhanced through the reflection of a mirror to create a shining sun. The metal frame of the lamp holds the light source and is adjustable, allowing for versatile use as a pendant or table lamp. The light source can also be removed from the stand to be used as a flashlight. The smaller portable lamp offers practicality for outdoor settings. Coming with a yellow strap, it can be held and hung on a window or backpack during daylight hours for charging. Both lamps are equipped with solar panels and rechargeable batteries. The table lamp can also be charged through an outlet using its USB-A and USB-C ports, when not charged by the sun. With fully charged batteries, the lamp’s battery can also be used to boost the battery of your mobile phone.