Innovations in Renewables: Spotlight at Powerelec Nigeria 2024

Experts estimate that by 2060, the country’s population will surpass that of the US.   This progress the country is making in different spheres (including Nollywood and Music) is indicative of a steady forward movement.

While on the one hand Nigeria is tackling challenges like inflation, a moderate growth rate, etc, on the other it has leapfrogged progress in the renewable energy segment – an important indicator of strong growth headwinds.

For Nigeria, which is scoping large scale electrification, renewable energy is a blessing.   The best benefit of RE is that it can be set up as decentralised grids through what are popularly known as mini-grids.

For example, the solar segment has made multi-layered drives in the country, and even industries are moving towards solar power.

However, amidst these dynamic changes, a considerable knowledge, technology, funding, and trend awareness gap persists. This is where a high-quality exhibition/conferences such as PowerElec Nigeria plays a crucial role.