KENYA: Givepower installs a solar-powered desalination system in Mshomoroni

Since 18 September 2023, a new water desalination system has been improving services for the people of Mshomoroni, in Mombasa County, Kenya. The solar-powered containerised system was installed by GivePower, an American organisation specialising in clean energy.

The water supply is improving in Mshomoroni, a suburb of Mombasa County in Kenya. For over a week now, residents have been receiving a continuous supply of water thanks to a new desalination system. The GivePower organisation, based in San Francisco in the United States of America, installed the new containerised system at the request of the local authorities. The facility, which will also be operated by the clean energy provider, has a capacity of 75 m3 per day.

The system treats both salty and brackish water. “As well as removing salt, viruses and bacteria, this system will eliminate other contaminants, including fluoride, creating a reliable and affordable source of drinking water for communities in need,” says GivePower. The hydraulic system is powered by a small photovoltaic solar power plant installed on the container, with a battery-powered electricity storage system that takes over after sunset or in bad weather.