MyJouleBox secures funding to accelerate renewable needs in Benin

Ambroise Fayolle, the European Investment Bank Vice President, said vulnerable communities across Africa are being impacted by global energy shocks triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “So improving access to affordable and clean energy is even more important to fight poverty, create jobs and empower women and girls. The European Investment Bank is pleased to agree new support for scaling up off-grid solar deployment to West Africa under this new partnership with ENGIE.


For the first time, more than half a million people across Benin will be able to access electricity that will power communications, provide light and make cooking easier. Deployment of solar home systems will also reduce the usage of kerosene, charcoal, candles and generators to help families save money, reduce pollution and reduce the risk of accidents. Unlocking sustainable, economic and social development through off-grid solar is key for Africa’s future and to reduce the impact of global energy shocks, said Fayolle.