New low-cost mechanical portable solar tracker for off-grid photovoltaics

Researchers at Maurice University have developed a revolutionary solar tracker, offering a cheaper and more manageable alternative to current models.   This device promises to facilitate access to more efficient photovoltaic production.

The tracker uses a combination of electronic and mechanical components to position the solar panel optimally throughout the day.   Using light sensors and an Arduino board running open source software, the device adjusts the panel’s tilt using motors that turn translation screws, thus pointing the panel toward the sun.

This solar tracker is ideal for remote areas without access to the electrical grid.  Weighing only 5.6 kg thanks to the use of materials such as aluminum, and with foldable solar panels, its portable and light design is one of its greatest strengths.  In addition, the cost of its manufacture is approximately $ 200, which makes it an attractive investment that can be recovered in a few weeks, especially for large installations.