New minigrids give free power to Sierra Leone clinics

A solar minigrid project is delivering far-reaching health and socio-economic benefits in rural Sierra Leone to clinics following a $1.25 million loan from REPP, funded by the UK government.

The Moyamba project is being developed by Energicity after the company won a concession to build and/or upgrade and operate 32 minigrid sites from Sierra Leone’s Rural Renewable Electrification Project, which was conceived in the wake of the 2014 Ebola crisis to support the country’s struggling health care system.

A significant part of the Moyamba project targets increasing the system’s capacity and strengthening its resilience to climate change via direct connection to hospitals and clinics.

As part of the agreement with the government, Energicity’s project company is required to provide a minimum daily amount of power to community health centres free of charge.