NIGERIA: Empower finances $13 million to solarise telecommunications masts

Mobile Power’s Mopo Hubs are set to multiply in rural areas of Nigeria over the coming months. This is thanks to a partnership that the Sheffield, UK-based company has just signed with CrossBoundary Access, a company that invests in access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa. The Nairobi-based investor has committed an initial $2.25 million to the deal, “with the option to increase this amount up to $10 million”.


With this financial backing, Mobile Power will continue to roll out its Mopo Hubs in rural communities across Nigeria. Powered by solar energy, these hubs enable batteries to be exchanged thanks to local Mobile Power agents. The Mopo Hubs are “designed for rapid and light deployment, and are located in convenient places within communities, without the need for wiring”, says CrossBoundary.


He added that this low-cost connection strategy, together with the ability to collect usage data, “enables CrossBoundary Access to optimise the location of its future mini-grid sites and their connections”. As part of the partnership, CrossBoundary Access will fund the development and construction activities and own the projects, while Mobile Power will “ensure that residents benefit from clean, reliable electricity for years to come”, says the company headed by Gabriel Davies.


“This partnership is a major step forward for us in our mission to deploy significant investment capital in affordable, reliable and sustainable energy solutions to improve the economic productivity of communities across Africa. Through this partnership, we are taking another important step towards connecting millions of homes in the years to come,” says Michiel Bakker, Mobile Power’s Chief Financial Officer. According to him, the $10 million investment will give 300,000 people in Nigeria access to electricity.