PAYGO Solar solution in South Africa

The mobile platform uses big data, predictive statistics, and machine learning to establish financial identity and build alternative risk profiles for energy loan customers. Understanding the typical off-grid informal consumer, their values and culture, and way of life was crucial for enhancing the commercialisation of the start-up to accelerate the energy and financial inclusion transition in South Africa.

From a customer experience, Linda Ngwenya, Evaton Township Community Leader, said: “The community is happy as we haven’t had power for the past year. At least now we don’t use candles for lights, and the children have access to radio, TV and staying connected [with mobile data].”


The start-up identified a need to obtain information in a digital ready-to-use format to grow financial inclusiveness and plans to expand its plug-and-play solution for local markets by emerging finance and energy providers across Africa. Ngubane adds: “Our unique innovation results in a positive impact on access to energy, greater financial inclusion, family budgets, health and well-being while also promoting carbon-reducing behaviour.”