Portable off-grid solar provides electricity, water filtration and hot water

Power Panel, a U.S.-based solar products manufacturer, introduced its portable solar device for emergency response, humanitarian aid and off-grid living. Manufactured in Oxford, Michigan and now being commercialized across the globe, the Gen20 is a portable cabinet equipped with solar, water filtration, and a hot water heater.


The off-grid system can produce 200 gallons per hour of potable water with no need for an external energy source, said Power Panel.


The device has been shipped to crisis zones, like in September 2017, when a Gen20 was sent to Dos Bocas, a mountain community that was severely impacted by the category 5 hurricane Maria. The device helped three families share electricity as they repaired from the damage. A further two Gen20 cabinets were sent to Ukraine in February 2022 to support front line responders and humanitarian efforts.


The device is comprised of four solar modules adding 540 W of peak power. Each module is an HJT N-type module with 28 cells in series per module. The device also contains 2.4 kWh of energy storage via two 12 V lead-acid batteries.


Water can be both filtered and heated by the energy produced by the off-grid device. It contains a 5-micron sediment filter and three 25-foot hoses.