Private sector developments for sustainable solutions

Gillian-Alexandre Huart, ENGIE Energy Access CEO, explained that over the last couple of years, the private sector has developed off-grid solutions such as solar home systems (SHS), micro- and mini-grids, which have clearly proven to be sustainable and economical solutions to reach universal energy access by 2030.


Thanks to the use of digital tools and the strong penetration of mobile money in sub-Saharan Africa, ENGIE Energy Access sells access-to-energy products to our customers on credit to make them affordable. It is clear that a combination of capital from private investors and impact funds from multilateral funds is needed in order to reach the amount of funding necessary to realise the energy transition and to meet SDG7 in Africa.


Our new partnership with the European Investment Bank in Benin will provide ultra-affordable PAYGO systems to people in villages across the country, giving access to clean solar energy and financial empowerment. With its sustainable integrated business model, ENGIE Energy Access is now serving 1.5 million customers, impacting over 7 million lives in Sub-Saharan Africa, reaching people in low-income communities or rural areas who are often left out of the economy.”