DC Submersible Solar Water Pump 4 inch

  • Permanent magnet DC brushless synchronous motor.
  • 304 S/S pump shaft.
  • Brass outlet/connector/ oil cylinder.
  • Double bearing motor with Japanese NSK
  • Waterproof grade: IP65
  • Automatically start and stop working.
  • Water proof and leak- proof: Double seal effect.
  • MPPT function, the solar power utilization rate is higher.
  • Soft start: No impulse current, protect the pump motor.
  • High voltage/L ow voltage/Over-current/High temperature protection
  • LED displays the power, voltage, current, speed etc working condition.
  • Frequency conversion function
  • Automatic charging function
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Model: SP-4DSC5.2-45-48-500

Material: Stainless Steel
Maximum Flow Rate: 5200L
Maximum Head: 45Meter
Horsepower: 0.6HP
Voltage: 48V
Pressure: High Pressure
Warranty: 2 Years

How to choose the correct solar water pump?                                    


1.Distance of ‘B+C+D/10′ if have a water tank
2.Distance of ‘B’ if without water tank.
How much water per hour or per day do you want?
Selecting the solar pump model that meets your requirements against the pump model number table.