Solar Pathway Light 20W with MPPT Charging controller

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●20W poly solar panel.
●Battery: Lithium ion
●Battery Capacity:17600mAh
●Lighting power:15w
●Brightness/lumens:>1500 lumen
●Backup time:1-2 days
●Full charge time:5-8hours
●MPPT Tech:yes
●Working temperature:-5°-C40°C
*Maxium brightness for the first 4 hours,half brightness for the rest hours


Rural Village Lighting
Compound Lighting
Security lighting for hotel, restaurant, Garden etc.
Park, Villa lighting etc

Super cost competitive based on new solutions
360 degree rotatable solar panel
MPPT technology inside, 30% faster charging
Automatic lighting, maintenance free
Easy installation, either on wall or on pole
Long service life for 5 years+