Renewable energy: provisional tax exemption for equipment in Cameroon

The measure was contained in the Finance Act 2024, published on 19 December 2023. But it was not until 13 March 2024 that the Cameroon Ministry of Finance published the circular specifying the list of equipment that will be exempt from taxes and customs duties for a period of 24 months, starting on 1 January 2024. The exemption applies to equipment for producing drinking water and renewable energy.


Drinking water equipment includes drilling and boring tools, pumps, suppressors, distillers and other water treatment equipment. As far as renewable energy is concerned, the Cameroon government’s measure concerns turbines for small hydroelectric power stations not exceeding 1,000 kW, which could enable Cameroon to exploit the immense potential of its many rivers.


A response to the energy deficit

To encourage the development of solar energy, the Cameroonian government has also decided to temporarily zero-rate panels, charge controllers, photovoltaic cables, control units, batteries for electricity storage, and so on. According to the Ministry of Finance, this measure is “in line with government actions to absorb the energy deficit by diversifying energy sources for rural populations and industry, and to facilitate access to drinking water”.