RWANDA: Nots Solar Lamps builds solar home systems factory

In Rwanda, certain habits have become the norm due to the intermittent operation of the electricity grid. People are therefore accustomed to lighting their homes with oil lamps, cooking on charcoal, using diesel generators for irrigation systems or queuing at public kiosks to recharge their mobile phones. This has a negative impact on the protection of the environment and the health of the population.

To improve access to electricity in the country, the Rwandan government recently concluded an agreement with Bart Hartman, founder and CEO of Nots Solar Lamps, a Dutch company specialising in providing electricity through a solar home system.

Mutimax (“MSS”) made in Africa. The partnership includes the construction of a local plant for the assembly of solar systems. “The goal of Nots Solar Lamps is to help remedy the situation in Rwanda. As a first step, we will sell simple solar lamps in stores,” says Bart Hartman, founder and CEO of Nots Solar Lamps.