SDG7: SolarAid rolling out pioneering model to fast-track universal energy access in rural Malawi

International development charity SolarAid scales innovative model to achieve universal energy access in rural Malawi, pointing to the potential of similar interventions in helping fast-track progress towards achieving SDG7. Through combining the latest technology with an affordable financing model and strong community operations, in phase two of the pilot, called Light a Village, SolarAid increased the number of homes it services with solar lighting from 500 to 2500 this year. They are now hoping to roll it out across the country and other sub-Saharan African nations.

The project which was funded by a combination of generous donations, and matched by the Turner Kirk Trust, has now lit up 2500 homes in the area, and is already recording energy access rates of up to 99% of rural households within focused geographies, as well as high payment and usage rates, exceeding 89%.