Solar For Every Off-Grid Home In Namibia With Namene Solar Carbon Credit Scheme

Namene Solar’s carbon credits will finance solar lights to serve every household without grid access across the entire country with Namibia’s first Gold Standard project.

Namene Solar announced their latest carbon offsetting project in Namibia, certified by Gold Standard. It’s the first project in Namibia to receive the certification. It will see climate finance subsidise the sale of the company’s award-winning solar lights to rural homes and informal settlements across the country.


Currently just over 3% of Namibia’s population use solar to light their homes. Many people living off-grid in rural and peri-urban areas rely on paraffin candles and kerosene lamps for lighting. This is costly and harmful to health as well as contributing large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. They are also a leading cause of fires, which are a major issue in Namibia’s informal settlements.