Solar kits distributed in 50 districts in Ghana

As part of its contract, Namene distributes its SM100 solar lamps. This is a lamp with a built-in solar module that replaces traditional paraffin lamps. These solar kits are being distributed in 50 cocoa districts, benefiting 1,243 rural communities.


Solar energy represents an incredible opportunity. Solar can light up inaccessible, off-grid areas. And the sun is something Ghana has in abundance. Solar light is a powerful tool for cocoa farmers and can be used for all kinds of tasks and activities,” says Lindt & Sprüngli. Solar energy can be used for all kinds of tasks and activities, whether it’s a reading or study lamp for children at dusk or a bicycle lamp for travel after sunset.


Lindt & Sprüngli’s Agricultural Programme works in rural areas where 1.5 million people live without electricity, despite the national access rate of 84%. At the same time, cocoa supports over one million Ghanaian households.