Solar Mini Grids & Batteries For Africa

There’s more good news for sub-Saharan Africa: the implementation of programs to support standalone solar mini grids in Nigeria, solar power plants in Cape Verde, the largest solar plant in West Africa — situated in Togo — and a battery! Data centers in South Africa, meanwhile, will move to renewable energy.

In Nigeria, the Universal Energy Facility (UEF) is providing grants to 3,500 small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to accelerate the move to clean renewable energy.

The UEF is a multi-donor results-based finance (RBF) facility established to significantly speed up and scale up energy access across Sub-Saharan Africa,their approach is to support proven solutions and business models offered by experienced firms and organizations with standalone solar. UEF aspires to reduce carbon emissions by 4.8 Tt CO2 by delivering 1.3 million electricity connections and 300,000 clean cooking solutions by 2030.