Solving the last mile challenge to provide power in remote communities across Benin

More than one million households are dependent on polluting and inefficient lighting by kerosene or candles and increasingly expensive generators.


Less than one in five people living in remote and rural communities across Benin have access to reliable electricity and only 10% of households are using off-grid solar products.


By scaling up adoption of off-grid solar technology in Benin, this new initiative will provide economic, social, educational and health opportunities for families and entrepreneurs who cannot be connected to the electricity network.


Following the new agreement between ENGIE and the EIB, households, entrepreneurs and smallholders across Benin will be able to access electricity for mobile phones, solar lighting, refrigeration, radio and television. This will help farmers to sell their produce, improve the health of communities and create new markets for traders.


Increased provision of reliable and affordable energy will create new opportunities for women and girls and reduce exposure to indoor pollution from current kerosene use.