South Sudan: Solar water pump to boost water access in Juba

In Juba, South Sudan, an innovator in the solar industry has designed, supplied and

installed a complete solar water pumping system and storage tanks.

Leveraging the abundant sunlight that bathes the region, the solar pump harnesses

renewable energy to extract water from boreholes, providing a reliable and cost-effective water supply.


The works included a hydro-geological survey of the area, drilling of the new borehole,construction of a steel tank tower and installation of Grundfos SQF 1.2-3 pump complete with solar modules.

The total borehole depth was 160 metres, the static water level was 38.90 metres and the dynamic water level was 121.1 metres. The pump installed was a Grundfos SQF 1.2-3 with four solar panels of 545W. The capacity of the tanks is 10,000 litres and the height of the steel tower is 4.5 metres.