Startup transforms healthcare services in Kenya

Kenyan startup DropAccess, founded in 2018 by electrical engineers Norah Magero and James Mulatya, has developed a special solution for cooling and transporting vaccines and medicines: a portable solar refrigerator called the “VacciBox”. With this product, DropAccess has been participating in Startup|Energy‘s Accelerator Program as a Fellow since 2021.

Part of the support is a pilot project: The Solar Energy Foundation Kenya ordered five mobile solar refrigerators to be installed by DropAccess in health stations. Gathu Kirubi, head of the Kenya Solar Energy Foundation reports on his recent visit to the health station in Kiloh (Kajiado County):

The first major impact is storage of vaccines.

The second major impact of the VacciBox fridge has been in promoting increased access to timely and quality vaccination for children and adults.

Supporting maternal deliveries is the third major impact of VacciBox fridge.