Togo gets CFA30 billion loan from BOAD

The West African Development Bank (BOAD) will invest CFA30 billion into Togo’s Emergency Program for the Savannah Region (PURS). The regional lender made the announcement just after its 138th Board of Directors meeting, on November 21, in Lomé. 

The financing, a loan, was approved to improve infrastructure, basic social services, and economic resilience in the northern part of the country.

In detail, the funds will be used to develop 125 km of rural tracks to open up the region’s localities, set up basic infrastructure in several localities (solar-powered pumps, equipped warehouses), and improve basic social services, such as health, education, territorial administration, and security.   

The PURS, it should be noted, benefited from CFA50 billion financing last year. Since then, the government mobilized several other partners around the project, notably the World Bank and the United Kingdom.

Earlier this year, Lomé revealed that it was seeking around CFA35 billion for the same project.