Using distributed renewable energy to create a just energy transition

Their biggest struggle is sourcing funding mechanisms to help people gain energy access and establishing what income generation exists for companies to make back the money they are investing.


Private equity to fund the development of carbon projects is an innovative new mechanism they are increasingly utilising to get people into clean energy.


Mills said the clean technology company sees a big opportunity in Africa ‘s underserved off-grid population. Referencing Ethiopia’s 1 50 million strong population, of which almost 50 million do not have access to electricity, Mills said the need to provide affordable clean energy is a business opportunity.


“Our role at the moment is to get them on the first rung. There’s an opportunity to move these people up the ladder through a combination of off-grid and mini-grid,” said Mills.

Policy, warranties and training

Michael Lappin, head of sales and operations in Africa for SegenSolar, said supplying to 15 African countries other than South Africa means every day is new. “There’s always a new challenge as policy changes and better solutions become available to us.”

Training is becoming a big part of what they do and productive use of energy offerings tailored to different country needs is also a big growth point. .