Why we’re supplying pharmacists 8,000 solar-powered fridges

A start-up dedicated to bridging energy gaps and curbing food waste, Koolboks, has explained that it inked a partnership deal with the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN) to boost healthcare delivery across the country.

The firm recently struck a deal with ACPN to supply over 8,000 solar-powered refrigerators to pharmacists nationwide. The deal, which was sealed in Lagos sought to address the challenge of unreliable power supply, focusing initially on rural and pre-urban areas to ensure drugs are stored optimally for essential vaccinations.

In regions grappling with electricity shortages, the provision of solar-powered refrigerators emerges as a necessity for maintaining the health of Nigerians. These refrigerators ensure the integrity of vaccines and drugs in the absence of consistent power supply.

National Chairman of ACPN, Adewale Oladigbolu, commended Koolboks for the initiative. With over 8,000 members poised to benefit, he highlighted the critical role of solar-powered refrigerators in preserving vaccines, especially in areas facing irregular power supply.

“This partnership is timely and good. There are communities that cannot have at least four hours of power every day, and there are vaccines that must be maintained at a specific temperature day and night. This partnership is a right one because, when children are properly immunised, we save the country a whole lot of money,” remarked Oladigbolu.

Director at Koolboks, Oladipupo Ojo, emphasised the company’s dedication to health preservation. The local assembly plant ensures a robust supply chain, meeting the refrigeration needs of all 8,000 community pharmacists in Nigeria.

To ensure the sustainability of the project, Koolboks has secured the Nigerian. Electrification Project (NEP)/African Development Bank (AfDB) Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) subsidy grant. This subsidy will extend to pharmacies across Nigeria, making vaccine refrigeration more affordable and accessible.

Koolboks, extending its reach across Africa, recently partnered Orange Energies to provide freezing and refrigeration solutions in 12 African countries. The collaboration aligns with Koolboks’ commitment to providing equitable access to clean energy solutions.