Analyzing The Growth Trajectory Of Botswana’s Solar Market In 2024

The solar market in Botswana will see a notable increase in 2024, revealing a bright future for the nation’s energy sector. This increase is being caused by several factors that are changing how Botswana produces and uses electricity.

Government initiatives and incentives were crucial in advancing the solar business. Additionally, the geographic advantage of Botswana’s abundant sunlight makes it a perfect location to deploy solar energy. The viability of solar energy economically has also aided in the expansion of the business.

Decentralized solar solutions as well as utility-scale solar projects are becoming more popular in Botswana. Off-grid and mini-grid solar arrays are enabling remote communities that were previously underserved by the centralized grid to become more energy independent. Communities that previously relied on diesel generators or had no access to energy are now served by these systems. These areas now have better access to healthcare, education, and communication resources because of the electrification campaign.