Solar for wildfire detection

German-headquartered Dryad Networks has released its Silvanet Wildfire Sensor to help detect wildfires within minutes, alerting first responders so they can take action to mitigate damage.

The sensors are small, off-grid plastic devices with a solar cell built into the surface as a power source. The device measures temperature, humidity and air pressure, and contains a low-power air quality sensor with a gas sensing mode. 

It can detect hydrogen, carbon monoxide and other gases that occur during early stages of pyrolysis at the at the ppm level. The sensors are typically mounted on trees at heights of 3 meters. Each device measures 19 cm by 8.2 cm and has a 6 cm by 6 cm solar panel on the surface. The enclosure is IP 67 rated and is weather and UV-proof.

The device is pre-built with artificial intelligence to reliably detect fire and avoid false positive alerts. The sensors connect to a gateway, and each gateway hosts about 100 sensors, depending on topography. LoRaWan wireless data transmission send data from the device to first responders.