East Africa Adopts Diversified Resource Development

Boasting an abundance of renewable resources, East Africa has garnered substantial attention from major international players within its clean energy market. Robust policies and declining costs of technology in the sector, coupled with regional market and infrastructure reforms, are poised to accelerate the deployment of clean energy projects.

With a low electrification rate, South Sudan is a prime candidate for accelerated investment in decentralized energy solutions to increase rural energy access and stimulate industrial development.

Having set a goal to increase its share of renewable energy to 50% by 2025, Tanzania has implemented a series of programs to support the development of solar, geothermal and hydropower projects, aiming to add 600 MW of hydropower and 400 MW of geothermal power capacity to the grid by 2025.

Earlier this month, Uganda’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development released its Energy Transition Plan that focuses on raising energy access rates and requires eight billion in annual clean energy investments by the end of the decade.