Solar power lights up learning on campuses across Nigeria

Ademola Adeniyi, a third-year student at the University of Lagos in south-west Nigeria, discovered as a first-year that he preferred doing his reading at night in classes on the campus.


The microbiology student found that he could concentrate better during the quieter nights on campus, but an unstable power supply disrupted this study routine in his first year.


Recently, however, there have been some positive developments. Said Adeniyi: “Fortunately, things have improved since the University of Lagos embraced green technology. Now, the campus is powered by solar panels, which provide a reliable and sustainable energy source, even at night.”


This has made night reading easier for him and other students, as they no longer have to worry about power outages or have to rely on noisy, expensive generators.


“It has significantly contributed to my academic progress because, with lectures filling the morning and afternoon, the evening and night hours became the ideal time for me to focus on studying and completing assignments,” Adeniyi told University World News.


As universities increasingly embrace solar energy, students are reaping the benefits and achieving higher academic success.