Industry News: National Governments Embrace New IEC Quality Standards for Solar Energy Kits

Ten countries in sub-Saharan Africa are in the process of adopting and implementing the quality standards for standalone renewable energy products published by the IEC in June 2020 (IEC TS 62257-9-8). Adoption in countries with large solar markets – such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda – sends a clear signal to manufacturers and the sector as a whole that product quality and durability matter.

Several governments with mature solar markets are implementing compulsory adoption of the IEC standards, which requires solar energy kits imported, assembled or manufactured in their country to meet the standards. Through conformity assessment, market surveillance and enforcement of compulsory standards, governments can protect consumers from poor-quality products. Countries with more nascent solar markets are opting for voluntary adoption, which facilitates integrating harmonized quality requirements into energy access interventions and programs. The voluntary approach can promote market growth for good-quality solar products and is a stepping stone towards compulsory standards.

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