VeraSol certified Solar reading lamp

Product specification:

●Solar Panel:0.3W polycrystalline silicone panel
●Battery:500mAh 3.2V LFP Rechargeable
●Super 45LM
●Lighting Settings:Four Options (High,normal, Night,Super)
●USB mobile phone charging(Optional)

with lighitng continuously for more than 4 hours, at 45 Lumens. Trust it will give more benefit to the Rural Electrifications.

The key point, the price may keep at USD2 around. Cheers.As planned, it will be tested by Verasol soon.

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Solar Panel:0.56W CdTe Thin-film Solar panel
Battery:500mAh 3.2V LFP Rechargeable
Super 40LM@4hrs
Lighting Setting:one brightness

VeraSol certified.