United Kingdom (UK) ramps up vital life-saving support for Libya

New UK funding to support response to devastating floods in Libya; UK to deliver life-saving provisions including emergency shelter, solar lanterns, and water filters to disaster-affected areas; emergency Medical Team to be deployed to carry out rapid medical assessments on the ground.

The UK has ramped up crucial life-saving support to flood-hit Libya, allocating increased funding and deploying an essential emergency medical team.

This additional support builds upon the initial package worth up to £1 million announced earlier this week (Wednesday 13th), which will be used to provide vital provisions including emergency shelter items, portable solar lanterns and water filters.

The UK is also deploying an emergency medical team led by health and sanitation experts from NGO UK-MED to conduct rapid medical assessments in disaster-affected areas. The Emergency Medical Team will coordinate with local authorities, international organisations and other EMT partners on the ground to understand the immediate and growing humanitarian health needs in Libya following the devastating storms.